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Medium Crystal Light Box

Medium Crystal Light Box

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Truly one of one. Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind Crystal Light Boxes. Made with real crystals!

Add a touch of magic to your space with our Medium Crystal Light Box. This elegant box creates a soft and enchanting ambiance. The perfect addition to any room, it's sure to bring a sense of tranquility and beauty to you or a loved one.

  • Ocean: Imbedded with clear quartz, blue calcite, amethyst and copper wire
  • Moonlight: Imbedded with geode, copper wire and amethyst
  • Eirene: Imbedded with geode, copper wire, amethyst, red calcite, blue calcite and pyrite
  • Eos: Imbedded with red calcite and light purple geode
  • Lavender: Imbedded with amethyst bead, clear quartz, copper wire and pyrite
  • Hespera: Imbedded with a geode

L. 5" X H. 5" X W. 5" X Lbs. 3.5

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