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Goblet Pot Series

Goblet Pot Series

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Introducing the Goblet Pot Series, a collection of handcrafted pots that are not only beautiful, but also sustainably made. With 4 variations to choose from, you can find the perfect pot for your plants while also supporting environmentally-friendly practices. Upgrade your gardening with our Goblet Series today.

  • Handcrafted with natural materials
  • Superior durability
  • Individually made, no two pieces are like


  • 007-1A 4" Goblet Pot: (DIA. 5.5 in. x H. 5.24 in. x Lbs. 2)
  • 007-1B 6" Goblet Pot: (DIA. 10 in. x H. 7.5 in. x Lbs. 7)
  • 007-1E 6" Goblet Bowl: (DIA. 10 in. x H. 5.5 in. x Lbs. 3.5)
  • 007-1C 6" Goblet Pot (2nd Variation): (DIA. 10 in. x H. 7.5 in. x Lbs. 8)
  • 007-1D Goblet Urn: (DIA. 20 in. x H. 15.5 in. x Lbs. 33)
Please note: Each item is cast from a different batch of limestone and concrete. Patinas and finishes are hand applied in a multi-step process, so colors will vary. The finishes are designed to replicate the look of natural aging, but any cast stone item with a patina finish will weather naturally in an outdoor environment.
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